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To clear dense scrub and trees whether to create rides and glades in existing woodland or to prepare for replanting in overgrown areas the use of a range of mulching machines behind a tractors to suite the size of material is one of the most economical ways of scrub and tree clearance.

The small FAE mulcher that we run is mounted on a small sixty-five horsepower four wheel drive Holder tractor which is ideal for getting into tight places and being only two metres total width it is ideal for weeding in between newly planted rows of trees.

The large mulcher is a two and a half metre SEPI fixed tine machine mounted on a two hundred and twenty horse power reverse drive four wheel drive Valmet tractor which can handle a material of up to eight inches in diameter, this machine is ideal for the heavier scrub and small trees.

Another use for the larger mulcher is to break up the tree tops left after forestry thinning or clear fell operations ready for the area to be replanted.

In all cases, these machines leave a layer of organic material which breaks down quickly and adds to the quality of the soil.